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Update on Temporary Closures

*We recommend calling the restaurant before your visit*
Due to the current situation in the tourism industry, there may be changes to business hours and available menus. If you are planning to use a BIMI coupon, please check with the shop in advance. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Relax in a great ambiance

Cafés and Bars in the Geisha Districts

In Kanazawa, there are three geisha districts as known as "Chaya Districts". With BIMI coupons, you can visit bars run by geishas or relax at a cafe in a renovated geisha house. You can save up to 1000 yen with the coupon. Have an implacable experience with a great deal!

Sushi? Something more unique?

Lunch like a local near Kanazawa Station!

Food culture here is so rich thanks to the surrounding mountains and sea. Wondering what you should eat here? We picked some lunch recommendations within a few minutes walk from Kanazawa Station. Try local food at a discounted price with BIMI coupon!

Delicious Bargain for foodies!
From local cafes to gourmet restaurants
and bars to enjoy Kanazawa!

Tempting food culture has been developed in Kanazawa, a castle town of Kaga Domain. The sea and mountains around Kanazawa supply markets and restaurants with plenty of fresh and great ingredients. We selected a variety of menus from local gourmet and sweets to classic and traditional cuisine passed down from the Edo period. Please enjoy and savor Kanazawa using this coupon!

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Gourmet Coupon KANAZAWA BIMI

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