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Ramen HIDE

Its signature dish is miso ramen—made using additive-free, fully-matured, traditional Kaga miso that's been loved by the locals for 300 years. Don't miss trying a bowl of this richly flavored ramen.

Ramen & Soba Noodle

A popular restaurant whose name is widely known all over Japan for its deliciously rich and thick tonkotsu! The chef makes no compromises on this rich, thick Kanazawa ramen that's got people constantly lined up outside of the restaurant, known as one of the best in Kanazawa.

Ramen & Soba Noodle

The best huge servings in the Hokuriku region! Enjoy thick Chashu braised pork, homemade thick noodles, and boiled vegetables. Full satisfaction guaranteed! This rich and thick shoyu ramen has sharpness.

Ramen & Soba Noodle
Marche Lolo Kanazawa

Relax and enjoy the unique flavors created by the French chef and local ingredients at this quiet restaurant tucked away in Teramachi.

Western Cuisine/International Cuisine
¥5,000 ¥10,000