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Ramen & Soba Noodle

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Kanazawa Miso Ramen HIDE
Ramen and Rice bowl of Pork & Egg

A special offering at ¥1,000 (¥200 OFF)

Kanazawa Noko Chuka Soba Shinsen
Ramen & Pork Egg Rice Bowl

kimchi made of cabbage is free of charge

Ramen and Rice bowl of Meat & Egg

A special offering of thick and rich Ramen and Meat Egg Rice at ¥1,000 (¥200 OFF)

ラーメン酒場カドの樽造 Kadonotaruzo, Ramen Tavern
A small drink set

Fresh ginger from Hamaya, which is popular side dish for drinking, and the fried potato, a standard! Both go well with drinking! In addition, you can finish drinking a little with ramen to call it a night!

Korinbo & Katamachi Area