Gourmet Ticket KANAZAWA BIMI Gourmet Ticket KANAZAWA BIMI

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(Equivalent to 10,000+ yen)


traditional Japanese meal brought in courses.
You can enjoy seasonal ingredients.

Reopend in October, 2022, just in front of the oldest fountain in Japan

We are pondering what kind of hospitality Maeda's lord would offer if he were revived in the modern age.
Our goal is to be a "restaurant that conveys culture" in Kanazawa's Kenrokuen Garden, which would have been a gathering place for the most advanced culture of the time.

【Service Hours】11:30- or 13:00-

【Ohters】Reservation at least 3days in advance/ minimum 2 people(maximum 6 people)




(Equivalent to 3,000+ yen)

JIBUNI SET (Meat Stew Set Meal)

Jibuni ~Ishikawa speciality~(chicken fillets are coated in flour and simmered with seasonal vegetables in a broth),
boiled greens in bonito-flavoured soy sauce
assorted seasonal side dish,
grilled fish,
rice seasoned and cooked with various seasonal ingredients,
miso soup,
Japanese pickled vegetables,
original sweet bean jelly

【Service Hours】11:00-14:00(L.O)

JIBUNI SET  (Meat Stew  Set Meal)

Store Information

A relaxing space for people who visit Kenrokuen Garden

In front of the Japan's oldest fountain in Kenrokuen Garden.
Inside of the building, you can enjoy Japanese traditional dishes in a relaxed & sophisticated atmosphere. Please take a break after strolling in the beautiful garden.

1-20 Kenrokumachi (located in Kenrokuen Garden)

  • 11:00-14:00(L.O)
  • Open year-round (irregular holidays)
  • 38


*Located inside of Kenrokuen Garden. Please contact us in advance when you come to the garden only to visit our restaurant.